Green Initiatives Preservationists and Caretakers

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While landfill-destined materials are shipped off Mackinac Island to a mainland landfill, compostable materials are shredded and mixed with horse manure, street sweepings, and food slop to create quality compost. This compost is then resold to the public for use as topsoil, garden material, or fill. 

Mission Point uses this compost in our grounds and gardens and purchases approximately 100 yards of compost from the Department of Public Works. That 100 yards is about 10,000 square feet at 3 inches deep!

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Mission Point Resort has an expansive recycling program, something critical to keeping the resort running in an orderly fashion. With thousands of pounds of garbage to dispose of each week, everyone doing their part to assist makes a big difference. All recyclables are sorted, cleaned, and organized on-site before they are picked up by the Mackinac Island Service Company.

During the shoulder seasons (April, May, September and October), Mission Point sends a Service Company dray - horse-drawn, of course -  up to the Department of Public Works (DPW) with that sorted, cleaned and organized garbage around once per week. One dray holds 60 bags total, consisting of the following breakdown: 30-40 bags of trash/garbage, 10-20 bags of compost/food scraps and 10-20 bags of recycling. During our peak season (June, July and August), we send a full dray to the DPW every day!

See Composting for additional details.

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Our Recycling Team

The Recycling Team are invaluable members of the Mission Point team as they make up the Recycling Department.

Every piece of trash, every cardboard box, and every plastic bottle is hand-sorted and organized for disposal. Their dedication to our green initiatives sets an example, Island-wide, of how to prioritize sustainability.

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Mission Point Resort is proud to have partnered with Planglow USA for the production of all to-go containers. All Planglow packaging is made from 100% biodegradable and compostable material.

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Partnerships with Local Farms

We are aligned with local farms so we can procure local produce from the Straits area and throughout the state of Michigan.

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Plant-Based Meat Options

At Round Island Kitchen and Bistro on the Greens, beyond burgers and meatless options can be found on the menu.

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Aquanomic Laundry Program

To reduce excessive water and energy usage, Mission Point is using the Aquanomic Low-Temp Laundry Program from ECOLAB. With a smart wash process, water and energy use are reduced by up to 40% and hundreds of gallons of water are saved each load of laundry.

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Bulk Purchases

Food, cleaning products and other supplies are purchased in bulk as often as possible to reduce the number of deliveries we receive.