Mackinac Island RestaurantsFarm-to-Ferry Dining

Designed culinary adventures await guests at Mission Point's unique dining outlets. Delight in the seasonal flavors of Mackinac Island while taking in the picturesque views from any of our eateries.

Hours vary throughout the season

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Our Culinary StoryFarm-to-Ferry Dining

We are often asked, "How does Mission Point get fresh produce and ingredients?" Our location on an island in the Straits of Mackinac does present some unique logistical challenges in securing regular deliveries of goods and resources to the Resort, which must be delivered either by ferry or flight before a horse-drawn dray delivery. So, with a lot of planning and communication between mainland farms, transportation providers, and our culinary team, fresh produce, dairy, meat, and other products make their way from Farm to Ferry and onto guests' plates within a matter of days from being picked.